Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Attorney - Kirkland & LynnwoodIn most circumstances, domestic violence allegations arise out of a misunderstanding between a spouse or family member. However, when the police are called to investigate a domestic abuse call, they are required by law to arrest someone.

In many cases, this can lead to criminal charges for domestic violence and the imposition of a no-contact order or other form of restraining order.

If you are issued a no contact order in Washington, you will also lose your constitutional right to bear arms. It is critical to consult an experienced lawyer right away to discuss your options and your defense strategy.

Offices In Kirkland & Lynnwood WA

With offices in Lynwood and Kirkland, I provide relentless criminal defense representation to clients charged with domestic violence, gun crimes and other criminal offenses throughout King and Snohomish counties. I have a reputation for fighting hard for clients, regardless of the facts of their cases. If you have been arrested and are facing a no-contact order, contact my law firm to arrange a free and confidential consultation.

Domestic Violence Consequences

Potential consequences can vary depending on whether your case involves spousal abuse, child abuse, stalking, harassment, threats of violence or other abusive conduct, and whether weapons were present or used.

The consequences for domestic violence are severe and may include:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • No-contact orders
  • Anti-harassment orders or other protective orders
  • Revocation of your gun rights
  • Confiscation of firearms and other weapons
  • Probation
  • Other penalties

In addition, you could face damage to your reputation and considerable interference with your family life.

As a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney, I work to obtain a full picture of the alleged incident and immediately go to work to protect your rights and preserve your interests. I am dedicated to securing the most favorable outcome.

No-Contact Orders = Gun Rights Suspended

Gun crimes and no-contact orders often go hand-in-hand with revocation of your constitutional right to bear arms. If you are convicted of domestic violence or are served with a no-contact order or other form of protective order, your gun rights will be suspended. I understand how frustrating it can be to lose your civil rights, especially when it means law enforcement confiscating prized gun collections, knife collections, hunting gear and other perceived weapons.

I have an extensive knowledge of Washington gun laws and understand what options you may have to ensuring these possessions are instead turned over to someone you trust rather than to the police.

To learn more about defending against domestic violence charges or restoring your gun rights following a no-contact order, contact my law offices for a free initial consultation.

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