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Appoint a gun rights attorney with over 20 years of case experience. I’m skilled in firearm related charges, sealing records and restoring gun rights.

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I’m a firm believer in the 2nd amendment, and it’s intended purpose. It’s driven me to become one of Washington’s top gun rights lawyers. Over the last two decades I’ve defended 1,000s of clients facing gun charges. Everything from carry violations to cases involving loss of life.

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I’m an active member of the local firearm community. This network keeps me up to date on decisive legal changes. Whether you’re facing a charge or need your rights restored. I’ll have a strategy for your situation.

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Effective Firearm Attorney Services

I have experience with a broad range of firearm related cases. The most common involve defense, clearing records and restoring rights. Below is an overview of the areas I can help with.

Clear Your Past Criminal History

Free Your Future From It's PastFree Your Future From It's PastWA state doesn't expunge criminal records. The courts use a process to either vacate or seal certain records. There are various laws for vacating juvenile and adult convictions. Knowing the order and rules related to each case is crucial. Taking care of certain charges out of order can cause future headaches. These are some ways I can aid with clearing your criminal record.

  • Sealing Non-Conviction Info
  • Vacating Adult Convictions
  • Sealing Juvenile Records
Expungement Services

Restore Your Firearm Rights

Restore Your Firearm RightsRestore Your Firearm RightsI've had many people's gun rights restored in WA state. First, I'll verify if you're eligible before submitting your petition.While not required, it's common for this process to include sealing past records. I recommend pulling your criminal history before our meeting. Doing so will speed up the process and save you attorney fees. Hiring a qualified gun rights attorney will help you:

  • Avoid A Rejected Petition
  • Take Care of Paperwork
  • Avert Court Appearances
Gun Rights Restoration

Defend Against Firearm Offenses

Free Your Future From It's PastFree Your Future From It's PastIf you're facing charges or are a proactive gun owner looking for guidance. I'm here to assist. After defending themselves, family or property. Many people are surprised to find out they're facing criminal charges. It's a routine practice for police to confiscate firearms from the owner. In addition to losing your freedom you could lose your gun rights. I can help protect against these potential outcomes.

  • Possession & Hunting Violations
  • Brandishing & Unlawful Discharge
  • Justified Self-Defense Shootings
Criminal Defense

Domestic Violence & No-Contact Orders

Free Your Future From It's PastFree Your Future From It's PastYou can lose your firearm rights even if a gun wasn't involved in the crime. No contact orders are a common way people lose their rights. Most domestic violence arrests result in some sort of protection order. It's critical to act fast to reduce immediate damages. I'm an expert in defending DV cases and dealing with seized weapons. You have options on where your property goes. My pledge is to guide you and help you achieve a positive outcome.

  • Avoid Jail & Expensive Fines
  • Recover Confiscated Property
  • Prevent Police Confiscation
DV Defense