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Restoring Your Firearm RightsRestoring Your Firearm Rights

Restoring Rights For 20 Years

Hi, my name is Schöen Parnell (pronounced “Shane”) and I’ve helped countless people petition the state of Washington to get their gun rights back. I firmly believe our 2nd Amendment rights protect all of our other rights. I keep my finger on the pulse of the firearms community both locally as a former member of the Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club board of directors and nationally as a lifetime member of the NRA.

Over 20 years I’ve built a rock-solid network of legal resources and relationships with local prosecutors. My job is to get them on “our side” before going in front of a judge for your firearm rights restoration, confident the court will accept it and sign your order of restoration. In fact, I will personally review your past criminal documentation to confirm there is nothing that may adversely affect a successful petition BEFORE I accept your case.

I know the cost of hiring a private gun rights attorney may be intimidating. I offer affordable flat rates and flexible payment options so lack of funds do not prevent you from getting your gun rights restored.

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Restoration of Your Firearm Rights In WA State

Firearm Rights Restored
Firearm Rights Restored

In accordance with RCW 9.41.041, firearm rights restoration in Washington State is a process which involves petitioning the court to restore your gun rights. Determining your eligibility is crucial because a judge has no discretion in whether to grant restoration. If you are eligible, the judge MUST restore your rights. However, if the prosecutor finds an issue that allows them to “object” to your petition, the judge will likely deny your petition of restoration. That is why having a skilled gun rights attorney handle this process is so important. Many times prosecutors have wrongly objected to restoration petitions. And just recently, the Washington State Patrol wrongly informed the prosecutor that one of my clients was not eligible. I had to educate/train the WSP firearms department about their error and their misunderstanding of the law and, because of that, they corrected their memo to the prosecutor stating that my client did actually meet the requirements.

The entire process can typically be completed in 30 to 60 days, however certain variables may prolong these timeliness. Before I submit a petition, I will first want to review your criminal history to see what convictions need to be included, and to see if any convictions should be vacated or sealed prior to filing for restoration of rights.