Attorney Vacating Convictions

Remove or Seal A Criminal Record

Attorney Vacating Convictions - Kirkland & LynnwoodWhen you are convicted of a criminal offense, in addition to the criminal penalties and sentence imposed, you may face challenges due to your destroyed reputation. Even after completing the terms of your sentence, it can be difficult to obtain a job or an apartment or even qualify for a loan.

It is very common for employers, landlords or lenders to turn you away after reviewing the results of your criminal background check. In many misdemeanor and felony cases, as well as juvenile cases, it is possible to vacate a criminal conviction and/or seal your criminal record from public view.

Vacating a criminal conviction can make all the difference on an employment application. If you are eligible to have a conviction vacated in Washington State, you may also be eligible to petition for the restoration of your gun rights. I have substantial experience helping people navigate the process of getting their records vacated and gun rights restored.

Criminal Record Vacation vs. Expungements – WA State

Washington courts do not “expunge” criminal records, but they do vacate convictions and seal juvenile records. Vacating an adult criminal conviction and/or sealing your juvenile record can legally allow you to say, “No, I have never been convicted of that!” I have helped countless Washington residents rehabilitate their past and get a new start by vacating and/or sealing their records.

Find Out If You Qualify & How I Can Help

If you or a loved one needs assistance vacating a criminal record, talk with an experienced lawyer about your options. I offer consultations at a reduced rate for record expungement and sealing. Our half hour call will only cost $125. During our discussion I’ll;

  • Look up your criminal records.
  • Assess your issues and determine if you’re eligible.
  • Provide you with advice on how I would approach your situation.

I’ll credit you the amount of the fee if you decide to hire me.

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